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This course is designed for people interested in clinical myotherapy and becoming physiotherapist assistants. It is aimed to give the students a brief idea of the industry.

Course Outline:

(1) Concepts of Physiotherapy

(2) Physiotherapy Equipment: Introduction & How to Use

(3) Clinical Myotherapy in Fascial

(4) Myofascial Release Therapy

(5) Pain Management

Clinical Myotherapy & Physiotherapy Pilot Course.jpg

Interested parties, please contact us via phone calls or WhatsApp at (+852) 5596 2328 or Message us on Faceboofor more information.


Address: HK Orthopaedic & Clinical Myotherapy

Unit 03, 16/F, Kai Seng Commercial Centre, 4 - 6 Hankow Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kln 

** Enjoy an early bird discount by completing the process of enrolment and payment one month before the first lesson**

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