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Clinical Myotherapy

Clinical Myotherapy

1. Joint Mobilisation

The therapist will use professional and specialised joint mobilisation techniques to stimulate the production of joint fluid to stretch its surrounding tissues, relax tense and painful joints

3. Muscle Energy Technique

The therapist will apply pressure on the area where the mobility of the joints is limited. This is a direct means of utilising the resistive force, balanced with the patient’s muscle strength, to increase the mobility and flexibility of the joints.

2. Myofascial Therapy

The therapist will utilise special techniques to smooth the muscle adhesion and scars from the damaged soft tissues and strains, this method can relax the muscles and stimulate blood circulation.

4. Myofascial Release

The therapist will use special techniques to gently massage and stretch the patient's muscles. This method can release muscle tension, improve soreness, and proprioception, and relieve pain.


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