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Orthopaedic Knowledge Base

Does it mean that I do not have to exercise after having physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy does not necessarily have the effects of exercising. In some cases, the patient experiences unbearable pain upon movements. The physiotherapist will then adopt alternating-current, ultrasound, clinical myotherapy etc., to ease the pain and relax the muscles. Movements and exercises suitable for the patient will only be implemented by the physiotherapist when the pain is relieved, and the muscles are relaxed.

Why do bone spurs cause pain?


Bone spurs are a normal physiological phenomenon. Bony projections develop along the joints and are caused by bone degeneration. Bone spurs do not cause pain but the sensation comes from the abrasion of the cartilages causing the bones under them to expose and rub against each other, and cause inflammation.

Should I avoid exercising if I have joint pain?


It is recommended to take a good rest if you have injuries like cruciate ligament tears. However, most rehabilitation of bone problems involves adequate exercise, to avoid the problems of muscular atrophy, joint deformity or cartilage loss.

What is clinical myotherapy?


Clinical myotherapy is a structured approach to delivering hands-on physiotherapy for the joints and cartilages. It is used to improve the mobility and flexibility of joints by movements and relieve pain and muscle contractions.

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